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Py-notify is a Python package providing tools for implementing Observer programming pattern. These tools include signals, conditions and variables.

Signals are a list of handlers that are called when signal is emitted. Conditions are basically boolean variables coupled with a signal that is emitted when their state changes. They can be combined using standard logical operators (not, and etc.) into compound conditions. Variables, unlike conditions, can hold any Python object, not just booleans, but they cannot be combined.

All three main concepts support deriving by users. Conditions and variables even have derive_type() method that can be used to subclass them in just a few lines of code, for instance to create a variable that restricts its value's type.

See the tutorial for more verbose introduction.

Registration Date: Sat Jan 13 19:35:12 2007
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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