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Pyml is a Python based HTML preprocessor in the same vein as PHP or ASP (the Microsoft product), allowing you to mix HTML and Python code. It can be used with any webserver that supports CGI or with Apache via mod_python. There is support for cookies, PHP-like sessions, access to GET and POST variables and inserting more pre-processors such as XSLT. Pyml files can be compiled into Python bytecode to speed execution.

I am currently working on support for debugging, including a Python-based web server that allows you to run pdb (the interactive Python debugger, like gdb) on running scripts.

Registration Date: Thu Jul 15 17:12:36 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


Latest News 
Auth package
     posted by dsnopek, Tue Aug 24 14:01:57 2004 - 0 replies

I just released a new session based authentication package that allows the web developer to quickly throw together a username/password based system. It works like magic with Pyml but is generic enough to use on the command line or through CGI. ...

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Pyml now at Gna!
     posted by dsnopek, Wed Jul 28 15:26:00 2004 - 0 replies

Pyml (formally pyweb) has moved to Gna! I am currently working hard to push to the first proper release. Eventually, development will be moved from CVS to GNU Arch but I suspect it won't be until after the release.

In the past couple days I have commited a large backlog of changes to the repository, including:

  • A rewritten parser
  • A Python-based Pyml webserver.
  • Many bug fixes.

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