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Savane is being merged with FusionForge!
This project regroups all Savane works for reference and archival.

Old project information:
Savane is a Web-based Libre Software hosting system. It includes issue tracking (bugs, tasks, support, news and documentation), project member management by roles and individual account maintenance.


  • The stable release is version 3.0.
  • A PHP5 version can be found at savane-cleanup
  • A Python/Django rewrite attempt can be found at Savannah

Version 3 is written in PHP and Perl and is designed to run with Apache and MySQL.

Other Useful Links:

Registration Date: Fri Jan 30 21:21:41 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News 
New Savane release fixes symlink attack and privilege escalation
     posted by beuc, Wed Dec 2 22:24:18 2009 - 0 replies

Sylvain Beucler discovered that Savane, a 100% free software hosting platform, is vulnerable to a symlink attack on ~/.ssh user directories that may allow the attacker to gain access to other user accounts.

We forwarded the patch to gforge, which was also vulnerable, where it was identified as Debian-assigned CVE-2009-3304, disclosed today. ...

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Release 3.0: markup language and anti-spam tools
     posted by yeupou, Mon Dec 4 09:38:30 2006 - 2 replies

Here comes a new Savane release. This release brings many improvements. A markup language (inspired by the commonly used in wikis) enables users to format content, for instance in item reports. Numerous anti-spam tools are now available: DNSbl, ...

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Release 2.0: interface heavy improvements, bugfixes and cosmetics
     posted by yeupou, Tue Oct 3 08:06:29 2006 - 2 replies

Here comes a new Savane release. This release brings many interface improvements. Most notably, the top menu now use dropdown submenus, which allow users to jump from any page to another with a single click. Note also that the "display criteria" boxes are minimized by default, to give more room to the results. ...

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We need packagers!
     posted by yeupou, Tue Sep 19 18:09:45 2006 - 2 replies

We need people interested in maintaining Savane for distributions like Debian, Fedora extras.

If you think you have the profile, you appreciate Savane enough and want to be involved in Libre Software development and distribution in the long-run, please go ahead, start reading docs of the distributions you use and like and start the packaging work. :)

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