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Name: SeeYouLater, denying access to spammers with hosts.deny
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SeeYouLater purpose is to fetch a list of IP or known spammers and to ban them by putting them in /etc/hosts.deny.

/etc/hosts.deny is usually read by xinetd or daemons using tcpwrapper.

The software is composed of:

  • *the feeder*, that looks at SMTP daemon logs for the string ++BAN:IP++ and feeds the database accordindly
  • *the butcher*, that looks at the database and updates /etc/hosts.deny

There are two packages instead of one because you may want to run the butcher on a system that have no access to the SMTP logfiles. But you can indeed install both packages on the same system.

It depends on Perl and MySQL and has been written to run with Exim.

The debian apt source is

Otherwise you can download it using SVN.

Read recipe #215 for installation details.

Registration Date: Sat Feb 25 12:00:36 2006
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News 
4th Release
     posted by yeupou, Thu Sep 10 12:56:09 2015 - 0 replies

Here's a fourth release.

It fixes a bug in seeyoulater-httpsharer that was not properly removing outdated IP.
It also add --flush option to seeyoulater-feeder to flush the IP database.

Updated debian packages are available at You'll need to add my GPG key to apt keyring if you are using apt-get to get it:

apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 23FEF25D

Third Release
     posted by yeupou, Sat Feb 8 01:57:36 2014 - 0 replies

Here's a third release. It now includes seeyoulater-httpsharer, that enables to share ban list over http instead of authenticated MySQL. It’s useful for distant hosts with unreliable link to each other/to avoid having MySQL listening on public ports.

Updated debian packages are available. You'll need to add my GPG key to apt keyring if you are using apt-get to get it:

apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 2DA199B9

Second Release
     posted by yeupou, Fri Oct 8 14:37:00 2010 - 1 reply

Years later, this is the second release. It avoids duplicates in both database and hosts.deny.

In the database, there may be dupes for a given IP, but with different timestamps.
In hosts.deny, every entry is unique.

Updated debian packages are available.

First release
     posted by yeupou, Sat Feb 25 22:55:18 2006 - 0 replies

This is the first release of "See you later", it should be production ready.

Packages are available in the download area.

Thanks to Eric Fox for his insightful suggestion that led to this piece of software. See

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