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Soya 3D is a high level 3D engine for Python. It relies on OpenGL, SDL and Cal3D. It is designed with games in mind, focusing both on performance and ease-of-use. Soya 3D is available under the GPL and currently runs on GNU/Linux, though ports to other OS are planned (Mac OS X, windows,...) since it uses only portable libraries.

Features includes :
- portals
- terrain rendering (heighmap)
- characters animations with Cal3D
- Blender exporter
- tutorials set

Soya 0.6.1 and below were written in C and Python, but version 0.7 and higher are written in Pyrex and Python. See about Pyrex.

Soya 3D is used by the game Slune (

Other Software Required:
- Python 2.2 or more (tested with 2.2.2), including Python devel files (i.e. -devel package, libpython2.2-devel on Mandrake)
- Pyrex >= 0.9.2 (
- PIL (Python imaging library
- OpenGL
- SDL (
- Cal3D (
- libFreeType2 (
- FreeFont (

Registration Date: Sun May 16 11:15:21 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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