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Treegrou is tool, comparable to viewcvs and cvsweb, permitting to browse a CVS repository, or theoretically any kind of repository.

Status of the project:

Considering that the two main reasons of not using cvsweb and viewcvs (listed below) are no longer valid, Treegrou development is discontinued. Now, it seems that patching cvsweb (which made lot of progress recently) so it integrates with Savane would be a more logical course of action than maintaining one more software.

Rationale of not reusing viewcvs and cvsweb:

  • These programs do not seems to be actively maintained any longer. Update: some people seems to be reworking on these software, not necessarily original authors.
  • Their code was released (according to freshmeat) under the original BSD, which is not GPL-compatible. Update: Now they are apparently released under a modified BSD, GPL-compatible.
  • Their code, all in one file, is too rough for my limited understanding. Too hard to hack, too hard to adapt, too hard to improve.

Rationale of not reusing Bonsai etc:

  • Their purpose is not exactly the same.
  • As result, they are not drop-in replacement for viewcvs and cvsweb.

Treegrou features:

  • Internationalization via gettext.
  • Text syntax highlighting via enscript.
  • CVS graphical representation via cvsgraph.
  • Decent code lisibility by separating useful functions in perl modules, instead of writing one complete execute-only script.
  • Modular design that does not limit the tool to CVS.
  • Integration with Savane: authentication and visual layout (CSS files compatible).

Registration Date: Tue Feb 17 16:17:29 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


Latest News 
Treegrou development discontinued
     posted by yeupou, Wed Nov 24 15:38:08 2004 - 0 replies

Considering that cvsweb development restarted and considering it is being done under a GPL-compatible license, it seems in the current state of thing useless to continue Treegrou development.

The code remains in the CVS for the curious. More information at <>

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