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Name: Warzone 2100 Project
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Warzone 2100 was one of the first 3D RTS games ever. It was released commercially by Pumpkin Studies in 1999, and released in 2004 under the GPL. The Warzone 2100 Project wishes to make Warzone 2100 one of top free software games available.

The project goals of the Warzone 2100 Project are:

  • To readd support for game servers where players can find each other.
  • To make the Warzone 2100 code stable, clean and easy to modify.
  • Keep as much as possible to the original Warzone 2100 'feel'.

Registration Date: Wed Nov 16 18:20:20 2005
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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