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Alas, I don't have time and enough interest to work on this Emacs mode further. If you are interested in taking over the project, please contact wikipedia-el-dev --AT--


  • Supports English and Russian Wikipedia domains. Support for other domains can be easily added on request.
  • Links and emphasis markup is completely hidden, so that you see and edit plain readable text in the buffer. You can use special keys to set up links and emphasize text regions.
  • Transparent saving of articles to files: you don't see Wikipedia markup, but it is still saved.
  • Highlighting of links and bold/italic emphasis.
  • Support for proper quotes, dashes, non-breaking space and other special characters. The mode tries to be smart and inserts all these things just as you type. You can insert special symbols by hands too.
  • Possibility to open a Wikipedia article right from Emacs, without a browser. Later it will also be possible to save articles from Emacs.


This mode is developed using recent CVS snapshots of GNU Emacs. Hence it will hardly work with any other Emacs version. However, I'm willing to accept backporting patches or ports to XEmacs.

Registration Date: Mon Nov 29 23:10:37 2004
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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