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-- This project has been moved to --

WkCMake is aimed at simplifying CMake builds by making some assumptions :
- The hierarchy of project you are using is usually similar between all of your projects, a source directory, a header directory, some data and some tests, maybe...
- You are only working on one project at a time, that is one main target only. Other target are only simple tests ( or unit tests ) without other dependencies than the main target.
- It s easier to rerun "cmake" once, using the cached values on the build, rather than modifying many configuration files everywhere.

Making these assumption enable us to build a generic build framework, simple to use and very useful for many kind of C/C++ projects.

WkCMake currently supports :

- Only one main target per project hierarchy
- Few simple executable tests ( in test/ subdirectory ) that don't require additional dependencies
- Target can be executable, library shared or static (module not tested yet, need a Mac...)
- Auto after-build dependency ( in another Wk build directory, automatically finding and importing all needed files, run time libraries, etc. )
- Auto AStyle source reformatting
- Doxygen generated documentation

WkCMake will eventually support :
- Simple Memory Leak detector for C/C++
- Simple Profiler use ??
- Generate UML diagrams from precompiled code ?? ( Need to find a proper XMI / UML diagram generator from source... )
- Support cppunit ??
- etc.

Released under Modified BSD License. Please check the LICENSE.txt file.

Registration Date: Mon Mar 16 15:53:12 2009
License: Modified BSD License
Development Status: 4 - Beta


Latest News 
WkCMake recent changes
     posted by asmodehn, Sun Sep 9 06:16:26 2012 - 0 replies


Please be aware, as of rev.197, the meaning of directory structure inside a WkCMake Project has changed.

Before it was "global WkCMake settings". But now it is a setting that belongs ot the project. This enables us to have ...

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STLport detection coming to WkCMake
     posted by asmodehn, Sun Jun 20 08:13:48 2010 - 0 replies

Recently added STLport to the list of supported libraries to be used in your projects.

More work has been done on dependencies management. It is indeed not a simple problem.

Installing and Packaging(CPack) your project with WkCMake is also in the pipeline ;)

WkCMake can be used for you project !
     posted by asmodehn, Fri Oct 9 11:46:06 2009 - 0 replies

Just drop me a line if you would like to use WkCMake for your product, I ll give you a hand for the start, but it s quite easy :)

If you want to use it on your own, I really advised to checkout a specific version of WkCMake and do not change it ( be careful with externals ).
As we are fixing bugs and addressing issues, some little annoying details might change.

There is no stable tag yet, just waiting to have enough testing time that passes without outstanding bugs...

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