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Yak Bomb is usefull when the O.S. is configured to run several applications at startup (P2P + IM + browser...) but the user often wants to open just some of them (no P2P, only browser to check the weather). It is a desktop application which runs after the O.S. boots and manages the start of programs in a graphical and interative way. It runs under Linux and Windows.


Right after the user logs in the system, Yak Bomb shows a grid of programs' icons and the user has the option to activate or deactivate any of them with a single click. When the countdown reaches zero, the activated programs start. The user can pause and resume the countdown or run the programs at any time.

Yak Bomb may run programs with command line options or open any file (as long as the O.S. knows how to open that filetype). Currently English and Spanish translations are included and others languages may be easily added. The program now runs nice but needs some improvement and probably some bug fixing.

Registration Date: Thu Sep 6 01:25:15 2012
License: GNU General Public License V3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Yak Bomb to be uploaded
     posted by ksksg, Fri Sep 28 14:45:50 2012 - 0 replies

Yak Bomb sources and executables will be uploaded as soon as I get the necessary keys and cvs working .

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