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Browsing the SVN Repository

You can Browse the SVN repository of this project with your web browser. This gives you a good picture of the current status of the source files. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository as well as differences among two versions.


Getting a Copy of the SVN Repository

Not familiar with Subversion?

If you've never used Subversion (SVN for short), you should read some documentation. A good starting point is the official Subversion website.

Note that there are many graphical clients to access a Subversion repository out there. This page will give instructions on accessing your project on the Gna! servers with the official command line client. Your mileage may vary.

Anonymous SVN Access

This project's Subversion repository can be checked out through anonymous access over the SVN protocol (TCP 3690), or over http. Depending on your network configuration you may prefer to use one or the other (for instance, if your internet access goes through a web proxy, it's unlikely that access over http will work).

Checkout over SVN protocol (TCP 3690):

svn co svn:// carbon

Checkout over http:

svn co carbon

Note that these two commands assume that the repository is using the recommended layout tags/ branches/ trunk/ at the toplevel. The example will download the tree under trunk/ in the repository and place it in a directory named after the project.

Project Member SVN Access via SSH

Only project members can access the SVN tree via this method. SSH must be installed on your client machine.

You have to register a SSH key! Check the Cookbook for more details.

Sourcecode repository :

svn co svn+ssh://<membername> carbon

Webpages repository (if relevant) :

svn co svn+ssh://<membername> carbon

Import your SVN tree, convert your CVS tree to SVN

If you have an existing SVN repository which you want to move to, or if you have a CVS repository that you would want to convert to SVN, make an appointment with us for the migration using our support tracker. If you want to convert to Subversion from a CVS repository yourself, or if you already have a Subversion repository that you'd like us to import, you will need to provide us with a dumpfile of the repository. See the subversion documentation for details about producing a dumpfile for a repository.

Export your Subversion tree

You can access you subversion raw repository using the rsync read-only access:
rsync rsync://
Then you can use that copy as a local svn repository:
rsync -avHS rsync:// /tmp/carbon.repo/
svn co file:///tmp/carbon.repo/ trunk
# ...
If you want a dump you can also use svnadmin:
svnadmin dump /tmp/carbon.repo/

Commits notifications

Commits Notifications are sent to:

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