Gna! provides dedicated managed Gitea hosting, including Woodpecker CI. Security updates are applied as soon as they are available and carefully tested. Each Gitea instance is monitored 24/7 and has backups.

You can rely on Gna! if you are an individual software developer who need their own Gitea instance with CI but can't be bothered with installation and maintenance. You want the freedom to download a backup and seamlessly self-host it whenever you decide: no strings attached.

If you are into trouble and need assistance with a Gitea instance not hosted at Gna!, you can ask for help at the Gna! clinic. The doctors have developped a unique expertise and are well equiped to help you recover and upgrade.

Do you already have an expertise running Gitea? You are welcome to join the Gna! collective, get in touch in the forum or the chat.