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Name: Smart-Card Open Test Toolkit
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SCOTT is a toolkit aimed to support the automated testing of
smart-card based applications. Its core resides in the SCOTT Shell, a
command-line interpreter which can be driven by scripts that can
manipulate smart-card devices via commands made available by
card-specific plug-ins.

The SCOTT toolkit has been designed with portability in mind.
The Currently supported platforms are Linux and Windows.

The main components of SCOTT are:

  • SCOTT Core Library ( or scott.dll)
  • SCOTT Shell (scottsh)
  • SCOTT Plugins ( or pcsc.dll, or

iso7816.dll, ...)

  • SCOTT Plugin Creator (scottpc)

The SCOTT Core Library is a dynamic library that contains the SCOTT
Core features. A SCOTT Plugin is a container of features. The SCOTT
Shell is the front-end to access all SCOTT features.

The main features of SCOTT are:

  • Displaying all available shell commmands
  • Displaying syntax and description of a specific shell command
  • Displaying installed plugins
  • Displaying plugin types and commands available
  • Displaying syntax and description of a specific plugin command
  • Displaying information about a specific plugin type
  • Displaying all defined shell variables
  • Displaying a shell variable content using custom formatting


  • Displaying shell settings
  • Loading a plugin
  • Creation and initialization of a shell variable
  • Automatic variables mechanism
  • Implicit variables mechanism
  • Automatic result visualization mechanism
  • Exporting data to files using custom formatting options
  • Execution of a plugin command
  • Automatic execution of commands at the start using the SCOTT

Configuration File

Registration Date: Sat 24 Oct 2009 10:52:23 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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